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Do you plan promotions and events last minute?  
Are your employees under performing?

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with Candace D'Agnolo, Founder of Pet Boss Nation

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For Pet Retailers, Dog Daycares + Boarding Facilities, Grooming Salons, Product Manufacturers, Pet Sitters + More!

We know from experience, coming up with ideas, giving yourself enough time to get organized and also looping your team into your goals and projects can be a HUGE challenge when you're wearing so many hats in your business! 

So let's supercharge your pet business revenue in 2020 together! We're here to help you conquer the bad-habit villains and become the superhero in your business!  

Learn our 3 part system for tackling the entire year in less than 3 hours!
Dedicate 30 mins a day this coming week and you'll have the roadmap to your best year yet!

Sunday, December 29th - Sunday, January 5th

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3 Video Lessons, 3 Workbooks, Calendar Templates, Cool Prizes, Live Q+A's
And A Community To Bounce Ideas Off And Connect With...
Just Like What We Do In Our Signature Program, The Pet Boss Club!

Learn the Money Making "Code of Conduct" to ensure success!
Uncover Your "Pet Boss" Power Boosters - 4 Areas in Business You Must Activate!
With your "Master Plan" in hand, use the PBN support system to keep your business buzzing all year!
How to "Level Up" in 2020
  • Custom calendars for Jan - Dec 2020 to clearly lay out your goals!
  • Checklists to quickly pull out what will work best for YOUR business.
  • ​Peace of mind that your entire marketing, event and company calendar is covered inside and out!
  • Ideas to motivate your team!
  • ​Have a clear plan heading into 2020!
  • This will save you time because employees can take your plan and run with it! Taking things off your plate!
  • ​Get clear on what's holding you back and what you can easily do to see major progress in all areas of business!
  • ​Get 3 Short Lessons, 3 Workbooks, 3 Live Q+A's to get your specific questions answered.
  • ​Prizes, Games and Fun!

Use our easy planning system
to get a year's worth of activities
organized in less than a week! 

  • Dec 26 - Dec 28 - Welcome Kick Off
  • ​Dec 29 - Lesson #1 Released (only 15-30 mins)
  • ​Dec 30 - Live Q+A
  • ​Dec 31 - Lesson #2 Released (only 15-30 mins)
  • ​Jan 1 - Live Q+A and New Years Celebration
  • ​Jan 2 - Lesson #3 Released (only 15-30 mins)
  • ​Jan 3 - Live Q+A
  • ​Jan 5 - 2020 Leap Into Action Masterclass
  • ​Jan 6 - Lesson #4 Released
  • ​Jan 7 - Pet Boss Livecast Interviews
  • ​Jan 8 - Content Vanishes

Short 15-30 min lessons
Join in the challenge at any point!
It will be easy to catch up! 

My name is Candace D’Agnolo, Founder of Pet Boss Nation. I’ve been in the pet industry since 2004 having done retail, wholesale, grooming, daycare, boarding, and more. I’m now taking all I learned over the last 15 years to help you see success faster than doing it alone. I understand the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, heck, I’ve been on that ride for almost two decades, but what’s different about me, is that I’ve turned obstacles into opportunities - from failing to scaling, broke to naming my price and selling businesses, and from chained to my storefront to traveling the world.
It didn’t come easy... it’s been a LONG two decades. And now here’s the future... Pet Boss Nation is a coaching and consulting community bringing profits to pet businesses through our one-on-one mentoring, our group coaching program the Pet Boss Club, inventory planning and our amazing partners and events. In a short amount of time, Pet Boss Nation has become a community of thousands of pet business professionals... connecting, sharing and pushing themselves to do better. I think what’s made me a successful leader and influencer in the pet industry in such a short amount of time, is that I get what you go through. I care about you. I’ve been there.

Together, we'll make 2020 the best year yet for you! 
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